Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eat Barbacoa

Terrible branding (looks like some internet logo to me!), but great food! My in-laws were the ones to tell me about this delightful place. It's sorta like Baja Fresh meets Cafe Rio. Here are 8 reasons why I would eat there every meal if possible. And a few tips to look out for.

1. Dowtn. SLC, Draper, and Alpine/Highland area. I think right where highway 74 is.
2. Order the Burrito Bowl (WITHOUT TORTILLA, obviously). but everything else is GF. Even the honey pork.
3. At the SLC one, I forgot to tell them to change spoons, and I was very sick about a half hour after eating it. If they don't change spoons, or gloves, a lot of cross-contamination can happen (if you watch, you'll see them dip the spoon in the rice, then lay it on the tortilla, and spread it. Making the bottom of the spoon rub on the tortilla.
 4. I go to the Alpine one a lot since it's closest to Provo, and they totally know me now, and I don't have to ask for them to do anything. They even remember that I like just cheese & sour cream as toppings, not salsa & guac. And luckily there is a guy there that speaks English just in case I go into panic mode. So I'm sure if you go in there, just simply tell them that you get sick from eating the tortillas, nothing more, and they'll totally know what you're talking about. Don't mention 'gluten' or 'celiac' or they'll be mind boggled.
5. Always so clean.
6. Usually not crowded. But don't be afraid by the lack of people there. It's fairly a new company and I'm sure  I just go at odd times; not regular eating hours.
7. Sometimes the workers don't speak english. But work with them for a second. One time, I had to tell this woman to change her gloves 4 times. She would put them on, pick up a toritilla, then I'd tell her, "no no, I can't have the tortilla. It makes me VERY sick." Then she'd do it again and again. Finally she figured it out, and gave me a really small portion.
8. Start a frequent card. Every twelve bowls you get, you get a free one.

Yum yum. Just making this post has made me want to get some right now!

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  1. pretty funny that i stumbled across your blog (see sushi post) since i graduated from school in utah 3 years ago. fyi carrabbas has a gluten free menu (which is pretty good by the way). so does pf changs (tastes exactly the same! and their chocolate dome cake is to die for). everything at chipotle is gluten free even their sour cream (except for their flour tortillas. not sure if they even have it in utah). same with outback and applebees although i have to admit, its not all that good at these last 2 places. many chains (zupas, jamba juice) have a book unfront that list allergy information. for instance, some jamba juice boosts have wheat so watch out. sorry for the overload, hope you all find it helpful.