Sunday, April 25, 2010

Winder Farms

The other day, at Earth Fest, I strolled over to the Winder Farm booth because I was so hungry & thirsty, and saw a huge jug of apple juice ready to be poured to anyone who asked. He told me it was totally organic, and pure apples. Then we got to more talking and ten minutes later, I'm walking away with a free jug of apple juice, and a free cooler. Not only did I get free stuff but I signed up for 5 months FREE for groceries to be delivered to my door step (which is what Winder Farms the way.)

I asked about GF stuff, and they are very aware that there's a need for it. They try to mark things that are GF. All of their meat is totally organic, and if it's not, they post it in the grocer list. And the guy I talked to gave me his card so I can inform him about GF stuff that they should start stoking. Sounds like a really great thing! It's going to make my grocery trips a LOT shorter.

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