Friday, April 2, 2010


The cereals pictured below are gluten-free and proud of it!

(this is brand new gluten-free, so make sure you buy the NEW boxes)

(SO happy about this. I grew up LOVING this cereal!!)

(not quite sure on this one? i just saw it when i went to look for fruity pebble images)

And of course any of the "GLUTINO " brand cereals are A-OK. The other ones, in my opinion, are nasty.

Some cereals that I have overheard are okay but still in question...  OF COURSE you should always read the labels and realize how sensitive you are to certain ingredients... so don't come back, please, and blame me for just reading my blog post and saying I was wrong, and now you are in critical condition:

Reese's Peanut Butter Crunch "may contain wheat" but I know someone in San Clemente that feeds this to her daughter, and she doesn't get sick.

Lucky Charms has "oat flour" in it, so if your not sensitive to the cross-contaminations that happen with oat mills & wheat mills, then lucky charms is your cup o tea.

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