Thursday, April 8, 2010

Forgetfulness & my nutritional panel.

I used to think my short-lived forgetfulness came from stress or being too busy or the fact that I never have a planner...and sometimes that was the case. But a symptom of Celiac Disease is forgetting...a lot. Like recently, after making an appointment to go get a nutritional panel (to see my levels of iron, vitamin a, b, c..etc and how much of what supplements to take) I totally forget to go. It wasn't like it was 3 weeks after I made the call, it was 24 hours after I made the call.

After moaning and whining about having to still pay the $15, as if I actually went, when I didn't, I realized that it's okay... that's one of my other symptoms that I just have to deal with (forgetting). AND the nutritional panel is worth the $30 for 1 appointment (that I haven't rescheduled yet, in worry I'll forget again).

So the next time someone gets on your toes about being late, or totally spacing on a meeting or whatever, give them the CD card. It will most likely work. :)

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