Monday, April 5, 2010

Vitamin Water

Ever since being diagnosed with Celiac, I have been a big fan of Vitamin water. Before, I thought flavored water is the nastiest drink, ever. UNTIL I tried Vitamin water, and don't really taste the flavoring. 

My favorites:


My hates:

Dragonfruit- has a nasty coffee after-taste. Although I know people that love it.
Essential- I don't remember why I hated this one, but all I remember was regretting spending the $1.60 to get it. I ended up giving it to a classmate.

They have a new one called NAP. It gives you the type of energy you get when you eat a big thanksgiving dinner, and you start to get tired... but it's all natural. 
Read the back (my favorite part about buying vitamin waters...reading the back.)

Celiac's can't take in nutrients, and actually never have. Well, they have but a very very small dose of it. And you can't really go on vitamin supplements right away (after being diagnosed) because your intestine isn't totally healed. Now that I've been on a strict GF diet now for 4 months, I can start taking supplements but need to make sure I don't overdose on them. But I still will drink one of these a day since it gives me a little bit of almost every vitamin. 

(on BYU campus, if you buy two vitamin waters, you get a pair of headphones..if that entices you even more)

here are all the flavors:
power-c (dragonfruit) vitamin c + taurine
xxx (acai-blueberry-pomegranate) antioxidants
revive (fruit punch) b vitamins + potassium
focus (kiwi-strawberry) vitamin a + lutein
essential (orange-orange) vitamin c + calcium
formula 50 (grape) 50% of daily dose of vitamins
defense (raspberry-apple) vitamin c + zinc
energy (tropical citrus) b vitamins + guarana
multi-v (lemonade) 8 key nutrients from a to zinc
dwnld (berry-cherry) daily download of vitamins + antioxidants
spark (grape-blueberry) vitamin e + choline
connect (black cherry-lime) caffeine+ 8 key nutrients 

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