Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GF Bakery in Sandy, UT

I just got an email about a GF bakery opening August 21 in Sandy, UT. Your joking right? This is going to make everyone's lives so much easier. There are those times when we finally bake something amazing with only GF ingredients, or we search for the kind that are naturally GF, but it's hard. Atleast for me it is. I miss not being able to go to a cupcake shop and find the tastiest one there is. Or going to a birthday party and having to eat ice cream only.

Anyways, I am very excited about this and will definitely be there the opening day to try everything out..

here's the email:
"A new gluten free bakery is opening in Sandy called Eleanor's Bake Shop! The grand opening is this Saturday, August 21. Go for free samples and goodies!  The bakery is being opened by the family of Jamie Turley, one of our own Celiac Club members. Click here for directions."

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  1. Eleanor's hours have changed. Check out www.eleanorsbakeshop.com. Yummy!