Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GF Chinese Food- Salt Lake City

Holy smokes. I had heard from my fellow celiac comrades about this place 10 miles north of Salt Lake City called Mandarin, but our paths just haven't met and I haven't actually been, until last Monday.

IT WAS AMAZING! They had tons of menu items to choose from that were gluten free. They weren't modified items, where they had to go out of their way to make them gluten free and the entire time that you order until you leave the place you are worried you'll get sick--, they have separate stoves, frying pans, corn starches to fry things with- and a whole section in the kitchen dedicated to us GF people. It's truly amazing. My husband almost broke out in tears he was so happy for me. Mainly because we've never felt so trusting to any place we've eaten at and we haven't eaten Chinese food in over 8 months.

I ordered the Mongolian Beef w/ broccoli (best decision I've made all year) & he ordered the mango chicken (which was the special that night) and already gluten free.AND fried rice that was more than delicious.

While we were sitting there, we noticed a family that was sat behind them, with a son that had a peanut allergy. Oh don't worry, they had a peanut allergy menu as well to offer him.

I'm going to stop my rambling and hope that you live close enough to feel motivated to go. Besides being totally worry free, it's a great enviornment, with all the workers being family. It's just fabulous.

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