Saturday, November 13, 2010

Portland, OR gluten free pizza

While in Portland for only a few hours, we found this pizza place right in downtown. They had the option of getting a GF and Vegan pizza. When we walked in, I was worried because it looked like flour was falling everywhere, it's not the cleanest place (which I think gave it it's charm.. You know typical pizza place) and the guys behind the counter looked like they really didn't care if they cross contaminated anything.

I was soon mistaken. The service was awesome, the pizza even more amazing with a sweet and flavorful sauce, and the bread was to die for. I am very sensitive to cross contaminations and wasn't pinching my stomach 30 minutes later. I was almost about to cry when I finished the last piece.

It took 20 minutes to cook so they advise us gf people to call ahead.

Location:28th Ave S,Seattle,United States

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  1. Have you tried boston's gourmet pizza in Layton, UT? Very good and you can't tell it's GF. They have a separate area and are very careful. Their crust is purchased from a gluten free bakery. Best GF pizza ever. Also, Litzas Pizza has GF pizza, my 2nd favorite (the crust isn't quite as good, but still better than some gluten pizza I've had in the past). Pier 49 pizza also has GF pizza, but it's NASTY. Just FYI. Thanks for your blog. It's nice to have places to look and share info.