Friday, January 7, 2011

Pamela's Bread

Holy smokes people this bread is amazing. Yes it's a "mix" but who cares really? It's so delicious! That's what I just ate for lunch (and I added some more later because it's that good!) It didn't come out crumbly like that, I just separated it when it I put bread on it. It's moist & dense, flavorful and thick. It doesn't crumble which is the best part.

On the back are tons of other ways to use the rolls and stuff. Also, this big packet does NOT come with yeast go buy some GF yeast packets at the market. BUT the little-r packets do come with yeast. 

TIP: I first tried it in California.. and I followed the instructions perfectly and it came out perfectly. Now I'm back in Utah so I figured out how to change the instructions because of the high altitude, and it says to not add the last 2 tbsp of water if you're in high altitudes.

You can read all about Pamela's products here and here is her bread mix. If you can't find some in local stores (I found mine at Stella Lucy's in SC), go to Amazon to purchase the bread in bulk. You will not regret it!

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