Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spin Cafe; Gluten Free Onion Rings; UTAH

You are looking at Gluten Free onion rings people! If you live near Heber City, Ut, make the trek and go to Spin Cafe. They're all about being organic, but not in such a hippie way which is refreshing at times. The service was alright, when I say alright, I mean not that awesome, but the food was delicious. Everything is almost gluten free... they have sandwiches served without the bun of course, soups, french fries, salads (I got the caesar with blue cheese dressing- DELICIOUS!) It was nice to know that the dressing was GF and so was the soup and fries and rings. Part of the Cafe is also a gelato bar. Go treat yourself right now!


  1. I haven't had onion rings in so long! I've got to try these!
    I'm excited I found your blog. I'm adding it to my blog list:

  2. Yay! As soon as the snow goes away I am so there. Thanks!