Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunflower Market, Orem UT

I know I said a while ago how Sunflower Market in Orem, Utah was no help to me during the beginnings of my GF diet. Or really ever. I was there a couple months ago when I saw this entire section of gluten free stuff. Now this is the kind of stuff that you buy if you're in a hurry, or new at the diet, this is the place to shop..this little kiosk. It's all so expensive and once you get better at the diet, you'll realize you don't need to buy this kind of stuff.

It's right next to the meat section.


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  2. Hi Elise! I got your blog address from Laura Hendricks. We're friends from BYUI and we keep in touch through our blogs. I posted just today about starting a gluten free diet and asked my blog friends if they had any blogs/recipes/foods that they could recommend, and Laura sent me your blog address.

    I haven't been diagnosed with CD, but I've always had stomach issues and have never been able to pin point it to anything specific. Something as simple as cereal and toast (which was always a staple of mine) would give me gas and stomach cramps. I had originally thought it was a lactose intolerance or maybe a red meat intolerance, but with these random foods throwing me out of wack all of the time I couldn't say any food for sure made me sick. So, this is only my second week of being wheat free, and I've been cheating here and there, but it's been ok, still some problems, but it's been a pretty decent response.

    I haven't gone to a doctor about any of my symptoms, because like you said we've been living with these things our whole lives. I've heard the CD tests are expensive and can't even tell you if you have CD, so that's why I've decided to just try an elimination diet. I have lots more questions for you, and I was hoping you wouldn't mind answering some more of them via email. If you have some time email me at: caitcrandall@gmail.com

    I'd love some of your advice. Thanks!