Friday, April 1, 2011


Yesterday, we biked over to the Provo Zupas. I've been here a few times and have gotten a good feel for what's gluten free and what's not there.

Can't accomodate with the panini's. That's a no brainer.
Tomato Soup- GF (most popular item on the menu)
Creme Brulee- GF
Normal ranch dress GF
Fat free ranch dressing NOT GF

Make sure to remind them to not touch the chocolate dipped strawberry with their gloves they've been using with the bread. Because then you can't eat the strawberry! And that's such a treat! You kinda have to rush ahead to tell them. 

See menu here


  1. Do you know if there cauliflower soup is GF?


    1. I asked yesterday about the Cauliflower soup and they said it is NOT gluten free :( gluten thickener