Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Green Loves in Los Angeles, CA

My husband and I were in LA and on our way to a Wasteland, we saw this place called Green Loves- with a HUGE banner that had the words "VEGAN..VEGETARIAN..GLUTEN-FREE.." So of course we made a quick U-Turn and parked. I mean when do we ever see a building with a big banner that says "GLUTEN FREE"? It's a nice little diner on busy Melrose street. The food was tasty, the place was clean- although I did wish the staff knew more about gluten-free and that it is in fact wheat flour that I'm allergic to. It would have made me feel comfortable before taking my first bite. But I didn't get sick! So I would def. go back.

Above is the meal I ordered- Soy Grilled Chicken (not real chicken) with wild rice, garlic, cilantro sauce, and steamed broccoli. I wished I had real chicken, but that's what I get for going to a vegetarian place, right?

I can't find a website for this place, but here is a link to directions.

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