Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Grocrey Stores

If you are Utah resident, and can find a Harmon's near you, find it! They have aisles & aisles of gluten-free selections & substitutes. I go there for my big shopping, and it has yet to fail me. If you walk in on the east side, and walk straight til' you reach the "healthy solutions" aisles, you'll most likely find an employee there named Katherine. I talk to her almost every-time I go because she is the one in charge of inventories for GF items. She's really helpful and really cute too (that's always a plus). The first time I was there, I was struggling because I didn't expect everything to be so expensive, but she weaved me in and out of the aisles and gave me the secrets to what is overpriced and tasty and what is overpriced and nasty. There's a difference. Oh! And their fresh meat has a wide variety to choose from. The meat guys are friendly to talk to and know their all the facts of the Harmon's meat. Another reason I love Harmon's is that they like to put in requests. So if you ever see a box there, or really any grocery store, write in something that you are in need of but can only find it at a certain store, write it down and they'll supply it. The greater the numbers, the more likely it will actually happen.

Good Earth is a great place. They don't have a MASSIVE selection, but the selection they do have, is real nice. And sometimes, they have days where employees will be handing out recipes or samples of gluten-free items to make our lives that much easier. And the people there are the best! So laid back and sincere. I will soon get on their email or phone list, and they will let me know when they have their food eating days. Harmon's I think does this too.

You would think Sunflower Market here in Orem, Utah would be great find for anyone on the GF diet, but it's really not. I talk to the people there, and they barely know what it is. Some people had to call their manager to meet with me. I tried to talk to the meat guy about the fillers & marination, and he just handed me a brochure that was useless. I read through it like 4 times before leaving the market, and couldn't figure out how it answered any of the questions I asked him.

I have met some GF people and they worship the place, so it's really up to you. I'm still new at this, so it helps me when I'm in panic mode and can grab an employee there that can help me out.

Places I haven't gone since my diagnosis: (I'll report back when I go to them)

My mom tells me that Trader Joes has tons of GF items to choose from. And you can ship things... preorder them and you won't regret it...everything from Traders is a dream.

Whole Foods Market I'm sure will have things to choose from.

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  1. Read "Living Gluten Free For Dummies"
    it helped me so i didn't have to deal with the people who didn't know about celiacs and gluten free diets. very enlightening read for sure.