Thursday, April 15, 2010

Preparing Thai @ Home

If I am craving Indian food, but can't get it somehow, we end up going to a Thai place. There really aren't any good ones in Provo (we've been to them all, except Thai Ruby) so we rarely go. And a lot of Thai places, legit ones, the employees aren't that familiar with the term gluten or celiac. All they repeat back to me is that their noodles are rice. But it's their seasonings and cross contaminations that I'm worried about most. So I've decided to eat most of my Thai cravings here at home. And luckily, my husband loves it too. I cook most of these dishes on a pan, and microwave the instant noodles.

These items pictured above are Gluten Free. Of course read the labels, don't trust EVERYTHING I say. I eat a variety of Thai Kitchen packaged foods and instant noodles (photo below). Their instant noodles are delicious! It's like the Thai version of ramen noodles, but much better and probably healthier. I get filled up with one pack. The Bangkok Curry is my favorite, but they have all sorts of flavors to choose from. If you like your noodle soup watery, then simply put more water in it before you stick it in the microwave. My husband likes them really soggy so that the rice noodles are puffed up, so he doesn't add really any water to it. Research around your local grocers because @ Harmon's, they are like .60 and Sunflower, I think .90 cents. So make sure you're getting what you deserve :)

If you read close on the caption on the left- it says "Gluten & Egg Free". 

Some of the packages are really great for campus eaters. You bring it on campus with it's white container, open a little slot and pour water in, shut the slot (i think) put it in the microwave, drain the water out through the slot that it came in, and voila! You have a thai lunch.

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